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What is your favorite “Stupid Quote” listed at the beginning of the chapter – why?  What happened to prove it wrong.


Look again at the baby steps at the end of the chapter.  Now begin working on the last five steps.  Which do you think will be the hardest to do?  Why?

Feel free to share any stories from these baby steps.

Baby Steps

Look at the end of the chapter and find the baby steps.  Start today with baby step 1 “The next time you look in the mirror say something positive about yourself.”  Do this every day while reading this book.  If you aren’t sure what you can say find someone you trust to help you think of things to say.  The best thing to do is to select a Bible verse (or two) about how God sees you!

The Bible says “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God”.  Words are very powerful.  The things you hear about yourself become a truth to you.  Be sure you are hearing what God says about you.


Talk to me about the challenges of baby steps.  They seem easy when you read them – what makes them hard?

Also write out what God says about you.  Do this in your journal and keep it somewhere you can find it.  Let God build your image of yourself – nobody else.

Stress is a part of life.  It can be good stress like having a deadline for planning a party. Stress can also be for negative things such as preparing for a test, peer pressure, and more.  Looking back in time it seemed teens were less stressed and times were easier.  Today there are many things pushing at teens for their attention and causing stress.  What type of things do you think are the most stressful for teenagers today?

Looking over the 7 Habits of DEFECTIVE teens rate yourself on each habit. Don’t write the answers here but start a small journal for this book or just a page or two in another journal and keep it to see if they change by the end of the book.

Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being NOT me at ALL and 10 being describes me PERFECTLY


ASSIGNMENT:  (Don’t worry there aren’t many of these)

Memorize poem on Page 8 (by Samuel Smiles)– post it on your bathroom mirror or someplace you will see it a lot!


This blog is for your use, your enjoyment and to prove to your parents you are really reading the book.  The book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” is an easy read book that can help prepare you both for your high school years and for life.  The book is not written from a Christian standpoint but the habits do line up with the Bible.  We will talk about how and seeing things from God’s point of view.

I plan to put notes and questions on a new chapter every day or two during the next few weeks.  You can read and comment at your own pace – or at the pace your teacher/parent dictates.  So, if you go on vacation or have a softball/tennis/swimming tournament or simply need a day off now and then it is not a problem.

Posting is simple – add a comment to the question that has been asked.  Sometimes the site will require I (as blog host) approve the posts.  I will do this as quickly as possible.  You may want to check back on earlier posts now and then to see what others are saying.

Now, get reading and feel free to jump in with comments as soon as you can.

Happy Reading!

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